Ch. Sughar Singh Smriti Nyas was established in the year 2002 to impart high quality education. The College is running D.Pharm & B.Pharm course that affiliated to Dr. APJ AKTU Lucknow and approved by Pharmacy Council of India and AICTE New Delhi. The college provides a stimulating and productive environment for Pharmaceutical education and research. The campus is equipped with modern labs, classrooms, seminar hall, library, computer lab, academic and administrative blocks and other amenities with student center for co-curricular activities exclusive and widespread provision for indoor and outdoor games. 

Ch. Sughar Singh Pharmacy College firmly believes in its strength and tries to remain at the forefront of Pharmaceutical education and research by manifesting excellence and meeting the challenges of global competitive environment. With the coherent team of adroit teaching staffs constantly helping, educating and molding all the students of Pharmacy to develop their career. Qualified, highly experienced teaching staffs will constantly guides the students fundamentally about all the subject of Pharmacy curriculum in order to make them familiar with the working environment of Pharma-Industries. They provide an excellent training about sophisticated Pharma-equipments and their application in research work in order to shape their career.

The college provides state-of-the-art infrastructure support as per AICTE & PCI norms to meet curriculum of both B. Pharm & D. Pharm.

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Find your path to a rewarding healthcare career at our prestigious Pharmacy College in Etawah. Our world-class learning environment is designed to shape the pharmacists of tomorrow. We have a legacy of excellence in pharmaceutical education.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty, and cutting-edge curriculum to ensure our students gain comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in the pharmaceutical sciences. The College of Pharmacy provides the ideal platform for those who want to become clinical pharmacists, researchers, or entrepreneurs.

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Our Popular Pharmacy Courses

B Pharma

One of India’s most popular pharmacy courses is the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). This four-year program prepares students for a career in pharmaceutical preparing, dispensing, and managing drugs. The 10+2 diploma must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Mathematics as mandatory subjects to pursue a B. Pharm. The course covers pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutical engineering. B. Pharm graduates can work as pharmacists in hospitals, pharmacies, or pharmaceutical companies.

D Pharma

Pharm.D. is a two-year doctoral program that prepares students to become clinical pharmacists. The degree focuses on patient care, medication therapy management, and clinical pharmacy practice. D Pharma candidates must have completed 10+2 with PCB/PCM followed by a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). Several healthcare settings employ graduates with Pharm. D degrees, including hospitals, clinics, and as consultants.

Placement Opportunities After B Pharma and D Pharma

Pharmaceutical students have the advantage of being able to work in as many sectors as they wish. Many positions in the Pharma industry require the expertise of an experienced and well-trained professional, from retail to healthcare to cosmetics to medical. Below is a list of industries where most pharmacy graduates and postgraduates find employment.

  • Private Sector: Private sector companies that manufacture, process, resell, and retail products and equipment could benefit from the input of a well-read pharmacist. Pharmacy graduates are often employed at these companies and involved in import-export businesses.
  • Business: A pharmacy professional can become a business owner after obtaining the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities.
  • Government Sector: Pharmacy graduates can find work at government-run drug inspection agencies, medical cooperative stores, warehouses, chief pharmacy stores in hospitals, blood banks, etc.
  • Medical Writing: Medical writing entails writing blogs and research documents, preparing briefs and proposals, and more.
  • Academicians: A master’s degree in pharmacy and the NET exam are required to become academicians, professors, and lecturers.
  • Analytical Laboratories: Pharmacists conduct studies in analytical laboratories to determine the cause and effect of medicines under different conditions.
  • Cosmetics And Beauty Industry: Students can also work in the cosmetic industry since it deals with cosmetics and beauty products, whose processing can only be done with the expertise of individuals who have studied medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: We have some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in India. There are many employment opportunities available to pharmacy graduates at these companies.
  • Research And Development Industry: Pharmacists interested in working in public and private research labs can earn a master’s degree or a PhD in Pharmaceutical Education.
  • Dental Products: Pharmacists must also formulate dentistry, oral surgery, and hygiene medications. A Pharmacy Graduate can help in this situation.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing our college to complete your B.Pharm and D.Pharm education can significantly impact your future in the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Quality Education: We are dedicated to providing quality education emphasizing theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You will receive a comprehensive pharmaceutical education from our experienced faculty members and a well-designed curriculum.

  • Modern facilities: Modern laboratories, libraries, and research facilities on campus facilitate hands-on learning and research, giving you a competitive edge.

  • Connections to industry: Through our placement program, you can take advantage of our strong ties with the pharmaceutical industry to network with renowned companies, complete internships, and start your career with renowned companies.

  • Career Support: A dedicated career services team assists you with job placements, career guidance, and entrepreneurship support, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the workplace.

  • Research Opportunities: Our college encourages and supports student-led research initiatives, fostering innovation and discovery.
  • Community of Students: Get involved in a diverse and dynamic student community where you can collaborate, learn, and grow.

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Q1: How long does earning a D. Pharma degree take?

A1: D Pharma. degree program requires at least two years of specific undergraduate study followed by 4 academic years (or three calendar years) of professional pharmacy study. Cssgi- top d pharma college in etawah offer pre-pharmacy and other feeder programs on the BS Pharmacy Science List. It is typical for students to enter a pharmacy degree program after completing 3 or more years of pharmacy college in etawah.

Q2: Can I earn a D Pharma Degree in less than four years?

A2: A few programs offer students an accelerated D Pharma degree program. “2-3” programs consist of two years of pre-pharmacy study and three years of accelerated professional study leading to a D Pharma degree. Students may complete the D Pharma degree quickly because the professional curriculum is offered year-round.

Q3: I already have a degree in healthcare (or a related field). Is it possible to finish pharmacy college faster?

A3: Completing a degree in a related discipline does not generally reduce the length of the D Pharma degree program. If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field, you must complete the pharmacy degree program (4 academic years or 3 calendar years). Please get in touch with the college directly to find out if you are eligible for course waivers.

Q4: I dream of becoming a pharmaceutical scientist or pharmacy researcher. How should I earn my degree at the top d pharma college in etawah?

A4: A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science, biology, chemistry, medicine, engineering, epidemiology, or another related field is generally required for a career in pharmaceutical research. Upon earning your bachelor’s degree and D Pharma, you must earn a master’s or doctoral degree in pharmacy science.